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Coontie spotted

The rare Atala Butterfly (Eumaeus Ayala) uses the native Coontie plant as its larval host. We did not spot an Atala, as they have not...

Yes, please

What a beautiful idea. It’s raining cats and dogs right now. The water runoff from streets, sidewalks, and people’s drive-ways filled...

What’s in my bag?

I have no idea how it all fits but here goes! Coral-safe sunscreen and a reusable water bottle.

Cabbage palm vs. Saw palmetto

We can use digital photography to help us ID plants and animals on the nature trail. I took my oldest daughter out this morning with our...

“Field Trip”: Weedon Island Preserve

We took an early hike to the mangrove boardwalk this morning! You can get a map by scanning the QR code here. It totally works from a...

I love trash!

What have been some of our favorite found items during our “treasure hunts” in the neighborhood? (Remember to always use BBQ tongs or...


I got to ID Manatee grass (Syringodium filiforme) for the first time! I was excited until after realized it was floating in the water...

Mangrove inspired

I love mangroves. My kids can ID them right away. The three main types here in Florida are the Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans),...

Weekly School Litter Clean Up

Not all storm water systems are cleaned before entering the waterways. This is the first place we look during our cleanups. We like to...


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