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Easy 1, 2, 3 Rain Barrel

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We have water pouring off of our roof every time it rains. A rain barrel will keep it away from our house. We can also use the free garden water.

First, we spray it with UV paint!

Next, we cut off the entire top since we don't have a downspout to line up with. This is a jigsaw. Eventually we gave up and used a chain saw because it was difficult to cut. Eye protection!

Lastly, I purchased a small piece of screen and a bungee cord to prevent mosquitoes/bugs/leaves from getting into the water. Since we chose not to elevate our rain barrel, I attached a short hose. The water pressure is still just enough! (I was a little concerned that it would fall.)

We definitely get more water than this when it rains! If you wanted to you could connect barrels together. This guide can show you how to install the spigot. Mine already had one attached. Also, it has helpful hints and instruction on connecting directly to a downspout.

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