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Boyd Hill Color Wheel

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We got to see great colors from the color wheel today!! We took the tram, which costs $2 extra, and we got to visit all the colorful spots. Walking/hiking and bike riding is possible, but we chose the guided tram ride since it was our first visit. The Education Center is fantastic as well. There were live animals, interactive displays, observation areas, books, and things to touch. This place is on our short list, and almost took the favorite slot! It’s the only Preserve we’ve been to that charges admission—$3 adults, $1.50 children—but there’s no parking fee. There is also a bird of prey sanctuary and animal encounters on the weekends. We didn’t have time for the playground!

A pine cone next to an eaten pine cone. Don’t take them home with you because they are food for creatures!

Poison Ivy, which is still itchy when it’s dead!

Rouge Plant

American Turkey Oak

Painted Leaf. Wild poinsettias!

Muscadine vine

Skyblue Lupine

Sand Live Oak, which has curved leaves for water conservation.

Great Horned Owl

Florida King Snake Pinellas County subspecies

The kids are working on some Owl art. Can’t wait to see it!

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1 Comment

Ray Salinas
Ray Salinas
Aug 01, 2021

Looks like a fun filled day. Thank you for sharing.

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