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Buc-ee’s and Beach Daytona road trip

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Shopping list: Texas-sized snacks and colorful beaver visuals. We drove 3 hours to beloved Buccee’s in Daytona and stopped by the coast for a swim. How are the beaches at Daytona different from our backyard beaches on the Gulf?

Faster. More shifty. And orange! The sand we are used to is white quartz with bits of shell. We went to nearby Ormond Beach just North of Daytona where you can pay $20 to park directly on the beach. We kindly parked for free across the street and walked, with the signs of caution for “soft sand.” Getting my car stuck in sand and polluting the dunes with gas is not on our favorites list.

Boogie board needed:

It’s easy to see here the orange next to the white packed sand that the cars were using to drive on top of. Try standing on the wet sand just a few seconds and it moves with the waves underneath you—a river from orange coquina carrying ocean currents.

The sand castles were drippy and didn’t pack well. Different though!!

Not as much diversity. Traffic pollution?

5 species we found including Coquina clams and Blanketflower: Snowy Egret (see yellow feet), Marsh Elder, and Beach Morning Glory. Seek iNaturalist app is fun to use as always!

Cars on the beach also means snow cones on the beach!

Orange-streaked less reflective sand with no sharp shells to pinch hands.

Huge beach to relax on.

Showers underneath the lifeguard station. Until next time!

Coffee for the drive home? Not too far back to Buc-ee’s. Bring a blue swimsuit next time to stand out in photos!

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Ray Salinas
Ray Salinas
Jun 19, 2022

Gotta love Buc-ee’s!

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