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Colorful Coast at Clearwater Beach

Cravings for a local Grouper sandwich lunch drew us to French’s Original Cafe. We parked at the North Beach parking plaza right next door. On the way to the beach we saw Hulk Hogan dressed in bright yellow boots!

This parking garage is in a great location for all the colorful fun shopping and restaurants but there’s no shower at this beach intersection. If you want, walk farther down closer to the Pier where there are facilities. This is the third time we park here and every time we forget!

Also, we brought our wagon to carry our boogie boards (even though there aren’t big waves) and it was impossible to pull through the sand. But there is a lifeguard at this location, and that’s a plus for us.

There is no wild spot here. The sand dunes are tiny with only a few Sea Oats hanging on. We saw no birds except for a gull and pelicans flying overhead. The hotels take up most of the habitat area.

White quartz sands don’t disappoint. And the water is clear! Bring an umbrella because it’s hot. Sand castle building is preferred underneath one. We could only stand 2 hours of sun today, and it sprinkled part of that time.

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