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Cypress Point Egg carton Beachcombing

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Excited to play some more, but this time brought an empty egg carton to collect “sea glass”. There aren’t many unbroken shells here, but this Old Tampa Bay beach has a lot of Interesting species and stories to tell. We also found a heart-shaped white mangrove leaf!

Right off the highway, and there is also an amazing bike trail nearby.

She said she sorted by color and texture, rock, shell, driftwood, glass. We also found turtle grass, algae, and dried red mangrove seeds today.

Seek iNaturalist app:

Back at home we have a treasure bowl. It’s 1 bowl and we’ve had it for a decade. Be careful what you bring home. Creatures may need the things you remove from their habitat. Some shells can still be homes and seeds are also food! And anything alive stays.

Don’t forget to pick up litter. Especially, if it’s not yours. We never see micro plastics here in the beach wrack but there is plenty of huge plastic trash. Leave it better than you found it.

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