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“Field Trip”: Weedon Island Preserve

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We took an early hike to the mangrove boardwalk this morning! You can get a map by scanning the QR code here. It totally works from a photo of a photo!

We also used the inaturalist Seek app today to help ID the cool stuff we saw today. So get that with the QR reader app! It’s super fun and it encourages you to observe from all different angles. Several pictures may be necessary!

The Cabbage Palm (Sabal palmetto) is Florida’s State tree!

The very best thing we saw today was a Skink.

2 redheads were with us today!!

We also ID’d a Red Mangrove propagule, a Gopher Tortoise burrow, and Raccoon scat! Did you know that the Gopher Tortoise is a Keystone Species and supports 350 other species? We totally got a stick and opened up the scat to look at what was in there! It was the size of a Red Mangrove leaf.

On our way out lots of snag—dead trees to complete the Ecosystem!

Did you know Weedon used to have an airport? “Yes mom I’ve been here a billion times and I’ve memorized it.”

See you later! And more water next time.

P.S. No, you can’t take a souvenir from the Nature Preserve. The Ed Center is open Thursdays through Sundays. The Gift shop is closed, and no pine cone or mangrove seed treasures!


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Ray Salinas
Ray Salinas
Jun 01, 2021

Thank you for putting this together. It looks to be kid friendly a great resource for summer learning activities.🙂

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