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Fish tail tales

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

We visited The Florida Aquarium (again) today! Tried to learn something different about fish than last time. We concentrated on fish tails after we saw this Balloon porcupine fish. It immediately reminds me of a plastic wind-up bathtub toy. It can easily maneuver around the reef with its “rounded tail fin.”

We are now off to find something opposite. We are looking for super fast sleek fish, and decide these Crevalle Jack have “forked tail fins.”

We look and find more forked tails. These are Lookdowns (the fish looking down), Palometa, and Bar Jacks.

Beautiful caudal fin!!

Next time, we will search for “truncate square tail fins”.

The Green Moray Eel we sat and observed for 15 minutes has a “ long continuous tail fin” but we didn’t take a photo! Think, The Little Mermaid movie.

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