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Fort deSoto Beach, Florida

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Fort de Soto Beach is a great relaxing beach away from the city! It does cost $5 to park. This time we came to see the Fort itself, but North Beach is my favorite spot. It’s just 3 more miles up from the Fort entrance. The most fun creature today was the Coquina clam bivalve mollusk. Bivalves have 2 shells that close onto each other. They are in the “Class Bivalvia”. Just dig in the sand at the waterline to see these little guys move around using their foot. They come in a lot of beautiful colors!

(Pretty much, we did that the whole time. That, and the stingray shuffle.)

Sea Turtles also nest here. Never touch!

We found a beach mouse inside the Fort and not on the beach! It was also kind of fun exploring the different rooms of the Fort. It was just a little scary—um adventurous. Definitely, take the walk up to the top.

There were a couple of Interesting photo backdrops here on the beach right behind the Fort. It‘s a nice addition to the regular beach photos we usually get!

We didn’t walk on the Fishing Pier, but it is something fun to try next time.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at the picnic tables near the parking lot. The restrooms were right there too!

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