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School litter nature lessons

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

1.Insects use leaves as homes. Protect them in your lawn by not raking. Or protect an area for them.

2. Air plants like this Ball Moss can grow on non living things. They don't suck nutrients from your Oak trees. You can also look for them on electricity wires.

3. Invasive Air potato vine prevents Native Virginia Creeper from growing. Pull all parts of them for the garbage.

4. What you don't throw away in the trashcan harms fish in the Bay. Clear any drains from trash and debris.

5. Garbage can travel in streams of water. Protect our watershed.

6. Pine needles can be measured and identified--this one is probably from the Long leaf pine tree at school!

7. Parking lots can be created to be water permeable for less runoff. At home find ways to avoid concrete, and advocate for environmentally friendly urban areas.

8. Create a compost bin at home. It's easy! Rotting fruit does not belong in public places. It is a polluter, especially in nature parks.

9. Remember that fruit stickers are plastic polluters. If you compost at home, remember to remove them beforehand.

10. Squirrels are eating plastic. This is harmful to their bodies. Think about buying the larger containers of Nutella and skip single-use plastic. Plant a nut tree.

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