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Hands-on Water Cycle I Spy

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I found this really cute pirate water cycle diagram online and got inspired for I Spy! It doesn‘t have ”condensation” so we added it for fun! How many of these vocabulary words can you practice using today? You can pretend to have a spotting scope!

“Runoff” of Hurricane Elsa ”precipitation“ helps only the neighbor’s Oak tree grow bigger! But, we do very much love that water puddle. We have a fully concrete driveway that pushes the water down the street.

"Transpiration“ experiment to observe water droplets from the leaves collecting in the plastic bag. We’ve recycled this baggie many times before! If you are awesome and refuse baggies you can use regular plastic and a rubber band to enclose the branch/leaves tightly.

“Infiltration” through this environmentally minded parking lot! Water soaks through instead of rushing down the street. The ground can filter the water first from pollutants and helps prevent street flooding.

“Evaporation” later today at the time lapse! ☀️Disappearing footprints Into the air.

“Condensation” clouds. This one is a bunny.

Afternoon “precipitation“ pool circles.

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