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Ways to Nature Journal

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

There are so many ways to document your nature experiences. I’m a super fan of paper journals. Here is an example of an interactive litter cleanup log from our school:

This is a tangible way for multiple persons to document what litter was found and to add ideas and research facts.

Another way to log is to use a grid journal, where you can easily create tables, graphs, or drawings to scale. We just use a one for all of us to save paper. You can also tape on your photos, draw and color the creatures and plants you notice, and insert articles or maps you get from the park you’d like to save:

It‘s wonderful to have a place you can refer to when you need to know when certain plants bloom, when the birds migrate, and what the weather is like at certain times of the year. It’s Citizen science in action!

Other digital ways to journal include:

blogging (like this one)

photography portfolios

Seek app ID badges

iNaturaist park photo entries

social media posting

We do a mix of all of these options. My favorites always include Art. Search for all the colors in nature. Make up a song or poem. Compile your own field guide with all of your photos. Play a game and create a scavenger hunt.

Pick a way that is most fun for you! My oldest child enjoys drawing. This is a Bald Cypress Tree with knees and Spanish moss. It now hangs in my kitchen.

Check out this webpage!

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