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What is in our nature walk/hike backpack?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

On Saturday we are trying out a preserve we have never visited. We are getting the backpack ready! Some items we always keep by the front door so it’s quick to grab. We stay on designated pathways and visit only while the education center or office is open, for safety and protection from Florida heat which is almost all year. Sometimes we have individual backpacks, but I make sure always to pack them myself—with help from the kids. I do not want to forget anything, as most places we visit take an hour drive.

Here we go:

physical map of park or preserve we are visiting in case there is no cell service

fully charged cell phone with Seek app installed for plant and animal ID fun



cash for possible parking fee



field guide book

magnifying glass

small ruler to determine scale

frozen Gatorade

lighter (refillable) water bottles

bug spray



paper journal notebook

pencil pouch with pencils and colored pencils to document seasonal colors in the park

full lunch/meal with an ice pack

**Icewater in heavily insulated bottles and snacks that stay in the car for the road trip home

Bag of tricks = Smiling faces!

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